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Nico Dingemans (1974) is a Dutch hospitality professional who used to work in Food & Beverage Management for five star hotels in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and in the USA. Since 2007 he runs his own company Hospitality in Health in pursuit of Health Cuisine which he describes as “the rediscovery of healthy food cultures around the world”, working with leading chefs. Nico’s audience includes hoteliers, chefs, educators, farmers and professionals in food, hospitality and tourism. He teaches Health Cuisine at culinary academies and Hotel Management Schools, and organizes masterclasses and key-notes during high-end culinary events in collaboration with Dutch Michelin-rated chefs and international celebrity chefs listed on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

To encourage the public to eat more local and reconnect with Dutch food culture, he published From Farm to Fork in the Netherlands in April 2017. Featuring 24 Dutch (star)chefs in all 12 provinces, the book has a focus on healthy Regional Gastronomy and received wonderful reviews from the newspapers, culinary magazines, BNR Radio and the Dutch Tourism Board. Nico considers Gastronomy as the fun space of hospitality where good food, art, culture & knowledge comes together at the table. He believes in making a positive difference in our food system with our fork.

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Health Cuisine in the Netherlands